Pagan Festival Code

Code is written and compiled by Leia Graf (

Please note that this code has been written expressly for Adelaide, South Australia, and any dates and times reflect this.

The Full Moon code (which runs on Julian Dates) has been simplified, and thus may be out by a day every once in a while.

The Sabbat code is, alas, only temporary, and so the festival dates must be written in for each year (or for multiple years). The Major Sabbats are easy - it's the equinoxes and solstices that are complicated. One day I'll put it in!

If you wish to use this code for your own site, please feel free! Just, please tell me so I know and get to feel special! :) You may want to go through the code pretty thoroughly to make sure it is accurate in your area, though, along with hosting the images on your own site (I'll get shirty if you just link to ours).

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