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Pagans In The Pub is an event that was set up by Pagan Alliance SA Inc. in 1998 (originally the Pagan Forum), so that its members could explore and learn about different Pagan paths. It rapidly gained a large following and has evolved into a night of guest speakers, practical demonstrations of ritual techniques, and group participation in magical exercises.

Approximately 20 people now attend these meetings, and our guest speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, such as Traditional Wicca, The Asatru Kindred, Druidry, and Ceremonial Magic. Previous topics have included, "Who and What are the Gods and Goddesses", "Spells and Magic", "The Role of the Witch in Modern Society", "Rites of Passage", and "Ritual Tools".

If you would like to enjoy a meal and some socialising before the Forum begins, just come along from 6pm [ish], join the Pagan Table, and partake of the wonderful food!
Pagans in The Pub
Future Topics

May 1, 2018 - English Ale Traditions - Why we do the things we do. Adrienne will share  the meaning and significance behind the traditions celebrated at this wonderful annual event

June 5, 2018 - Movie Dinner Date Night.  Come along for dinner at 6:30, followed by a screening of the film ‘Practical Magic’.  Dress code: After-5 / Cocktail dress is preferred.  Film to commence at 7:15pm.

Past Topics

Who are the Gods and Goddesses?

Pagans and Conservation

Pagan rituals

The Role of the Witch in Today’s Society

Pagan Panel

Spells and Magick

Power Raising

The Elements

Celtic Women as Role Models

Celtic Myths and Legends

Rites of Passage

Expressing spirituality in everyday life

Talismanic Magic

Ceremonial and Chaos Magick

The Earth as a Sacred Place

The Grail Legend

Perceptions of Deity

Past Life Regressions

History and Modern Practices of Druidry


The Goddess in Her Cloak of Night

The Earth Mother: fact and fiction

African Drumming and Healing

Aleister Crowley & the Wiccan traditions

American Indian Vision Quest

Pagans, Knives and the Law

Pagan Market

The Gods at Play: astrology

The Saints and Scoundrels of the Occult


A Journey with the Goddess

Sacred Sites of Scotland

Ordo Templi Orientis

The Full Moon

Myths and today's world

Myth & Magick

Traditional Witchcraft

The Egyptians and Their Gods

Pagan Market Night

The Ethics of Magick and Spellwork

Mythology and the Zodiac

American Indian Shamanism

Pagan Symbols and Freemasonry

The Shamanic Journey


Magical Rites

Buddhist Deities and Ceremonies

The Left Hand Path

Magickal Thoughts and the Environment

Sacred Geometry



Dramatic Ritual

Mythological and Ecological World of Frogs

Spiritual Renewal through Cultural Practice

The Grail and the Goddess

Death and Dying from the Pagan Perspective

The Magick of Colour

Egyptian Gods

The Tree of Life & Pagan Traditions

Birds and Mythology

Astral Projection


Border Morris (traditional dance)

The Greek Gods and the Zodiac

Witchcraft and Sorcery

The Left Hand Path

Letting the Subconscious Loose

Druidry and Garden Magick

Past Life Connections

Healing and Paganism

Conversations about the Goddess

A "Virtual" Magickal Mystery Tour of Adelaide

The Isis Mysteries and Divination

Totems, Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Witchcraft and the Screen


Classical Paganism in the Modern World

The Elements

The Goddess Kali

You and Your Environment

Shamanic Healing




Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

The Mysteries of the Callanish Stone Circles

Dreams, Ceremony and Ritual

Pre-Islamic Pagan World

Clairvoyance and Hauntings

Myth, Ritual and Healing


Celtic Religion & Modern Paganism

Adelaide, The Nature of a City

Vietnamese Zen Buddhism

Wendy Rule - The Magickal Voice

Native American Indian Culture

The Nature of Deity

Aboriginal Spirituality

Pagan Treasures of England

Taiko Drumming

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Tarot with Paul Fenton-Smith

The Web of Life - animal rescue

Spirituality & Middle Eastern Dance


Magic in ancient Egypt

Re-earthing the city

Ritual Magic

Meditation as a Spiritual Tool

Central Asian Shamanism - Origins of Paganism

Loki - Norse God or Devil

Mythology of the Goddess

Water Element

Trance & Transformation

Understanding the Tarot

The Aboriginal View of the Night Sky

Sharmanic Earth Magic and Animal Totems

The Air Element

The Greek Gods and their Rituals

Ancestral Windows:  Looking at Celtic Art with an  Australian Eye

The Global Journey of Vodou

The Hero’s Quest

Ritual Chants and Drumming

The Devine Feminine & the Holy Grail

An Egyptian Initiation

An Egyptian Goddess

The Great Mother


The Myths and Magic of Astrology

The Devine Masculine

Symbols and Their Uses in Healing and Meditation

The Way of the Hollow Bone

Sacred Geometry - Practical Applications

Witchcraft and the Media - the Modern Shamans

Greek Gods and Their Temples

Optimum Timing for Spells and Rituals with Numerology

Tarot and Its Pagan Connection

Pagan Treasures of Britain

Ancient Druidry in Modern Times

Animal Dreaming

The Secrets Beyond the Runes

Priestessing the Goddess with Anique Radiant Heart

Agnihotra Fire Ritual, presented by Devidasan

Sacred Ritual and Honouring the Ancestors with Evelina Rios

Sacred Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation

The Crone

Talismans and Amulets

A Saga and its Symbolism

What Witches Do

An Informative Discussion with Gary Harman-Hobbs

Practical Magic

A Night with Cerri Lee

Ritual Drama

Temples of the Nile

Ritual Drama

The Mother Goddess

Journey Down the Nile

Mike Adamson’s UK Trip

Battle of the Trees with Tom Thomas

The Five elements in Tantra

Pagans In The Pub is held at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday evening of each month in the function room at the Hotel Metropolitan, 46 Grote Street Adelaide.  If you plan to dine before hand, please contact us at the week before to book so we can give pub management approximate numbers.  

These meetings are free to members of the Pagan Alliance (bring your membership card!); non members are also most welcome to attend for a gold coin donation at the door.

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Some exercises for Letting the Subconscious Loose by Di Gramp from the May 2004 Forum are here for your perusal.

Subconscious (pdf)

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