Silver Wheel
Pagan Alliance SA Inc.
Our Vision
Silver Wheel aims to provide a forum through which South Australia's Pagan community may express its creativity, share news and distribute information about various Pagan paths.

Spirituality seems barren if it does not reinforce our connections to the Earth and to each other, touching all facets of our lives. Through Silver Wheel we hope to weave the strands that will link us more intimately to each other and inspire us to manifest our own personal visions through music, poetry, art, ritual, tree planting, environmental activism, mythology, recycling, celebration - the affirmation of our common passion for life.

All Pagans are encouraged to contribute articles, artwork or any other interesting bits, and may do so by either emailing us at or sending in the post to Silver Wheel, 1 Riggs Road, Bibaringa, SA, 5034. Please give credit where due (if it's not your work, let us know whose it is), and be sure to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your work returned. Articles have a 900 word limit, and Letters to the Editor have a 300 word limit.

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